# Configure Settings

# Email Settings

Email server address: Indicates the email address that will be on the from and replyTo parts of the email. Image header URL: Indicates the url of the header image to be shown in the sent emails. By default it's OpenSupports' logo

# Configure SMTP

  1. Configure Email server address
  2. SMTP Server: Indicate the server with it's port in this format {HOST}:{PORT}, for example tls://smtp.gmail.com:586
  3. SMTP User/SMTP Password: Indicate the SMTP credentials.
  4. Make sure to hit TEST button to check the connection is working
  5. Click Save when you're ready

# Configure IMAP

For creating tickets from emails, we connect to an IMAP server folder, check the messages, create tickets based on those and the delete the emails.

  1. Configure Email server address. Do not use a noreply address.
  2. IMAP Server: Indicate host with with folder to check emails, for example {imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl}INBOX
  3. IMAP User/IMAP Password: Indicate the IMAP credentials.
  4. Generate a IMAP Token. This serves as password for polling the emails.
  5. Make sure to hit TEST button to check the connection is working.
  6. Click Save when you're ready.

Remember to take a look to the infobox below. To parse emails and create tickets, you have to make a POST request to the indicated url and provide the IMAP Token. It's recommended to make it frequently, for example you can use a hook that calls it every time an email is received.

Here is a configuration videotutorial if you need more explanation.